Guestotel established in 1998 is one of the leading manufacturers in hospitality industry for GuestKonnect Online Media Panels, SmartLock OLED Online Locking System and Guestroom Controls.

We have been dedicated to develop, manufacture and distribute products with a visionary architecture of modern hotels to provide the latest possible technology, energy efficiency and ensuring the guest occupant comfort.

We still has a strong focus on research and development and recently have launch a range of new products like Auto Switching Media Panels with HDMI, Audio Inputs, USB Play, USB Fast Charging RJ 45 Data Port and Screen Mirroring compatible to stream 4K Movies to HDTV with CEC controls from any IOS, Android & Windows Smartphone or Tablets. We have also built-in WIFI Access Point module with WAN and extended LAN ports.

With our GuestTouch Online Management Software the hotelier can monitor and controlled each room Media Panel status from one Central Server. These new range takes our Guestroom Controls to a new level, suitable for Four and Five-Star Hotels.

Guestotel products range from basic tableside passive Media Panel, high end active Media Panels, Annunciator Panel, Room Service Panel, RFID Key card holder, LCD Thermostats, Glass Frame Wall Accessories, RFID OLED Door Locks, Bluetooth Speakers, Room Controllers to a complete integrated KSS /RMS online networking energy management front-end system.

At Guestotel we also customize products to suite any interior finishes and shapes for a hotel project. Guestotel products are designed to integrate with each of our devices, which enable to seamlessly communicate together in an intelligent way. All our devices can be matched and blended into one stylish design, so that they are harmoniously integrated into overall architectural concept of the hotelier. Known in the industry for innovation and end-user focus.

Guestotel continues to deliver the most intuitive, intelligent front-end software available in the market, which brings the user-friendly functionality to the guest’s variety of handheld tablets providing unprecedented control and ease to use. Through our global offices and independently owned dealers, we offer the industry-leading technology with local, on-the-ground service.

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